Technews 4 everyone: Adobe presented a new Acrobat and more surely easy to use

Adobe presented a new Acrobat and more surely easy to use

Adobe presented/displayed its new line of solutions Acrobat X, that with a new interface the problem solves to work with documents to newspapers of simpler and safe way, and with greater speed. Gustavo Brunser, regional manager of sales of the company, explained that one of the main critics that were done to him to the company it was the time which they took in abrir the programs, reason why developed one more a new version slighter than the previous ones.This software offers new guided actions to simplify to the document preparation multiple and the publication processes, and capacities of completely unpublished personalisation in portfolios pdf, with the possibility of unifying manifolds types of archives in an integral presentation. In addition, this line of components grants to the individuals the option to collaborate with greater efficiency, thanks to integration with Microsoft SharePoint, and a reusability of easier content. The Reader counts on several new features: a total redesign of its interface that facilitates its use, incorporates one “sandbox” (or sand table) that limits the access that scripts based on pdf can have on the operating system of the user, reducing the attack options; and it counts on a service that allows the users to share documents through a location lodged in Internet. Acrobat X allows to keep mails from synchronous way in pdf, to work of way joint through commentaries in same documents, to realise forms of simple way, and as always, recognizes all type of formats, even images and videos. Finally, also an exclusive service of statement announced, that works with banks or banking financial institutions, so that when receiving the similar summary of account or certificates, is easier to include/understand and to handle the data, with the security which they offer these establishments. Although this service still is not available in the region, it is working for it.


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