Technews 4 everyone: Apple intensifies battle against Windows

Apple intensifies battle against Windows

The executive president of Apple, Steve Jobs, presented/displayed Wednesday the last updates of software for his Mac computers, to try to obtain participation major of market in front of the personal computers with the program Windows of Microsoft. Executives presented/displayed an outline of the popular group of programs multimedia " iLife" and they said that the base of users of Mac already reachs 50 million. The software, that allows to handle and to publish photos, videos and music, will be able to be integrated with the social networks online like Facebook. Executives of the company made demonstrations of the program Band Garage, that allows to record audio and to publish it. To this new version virtual lessons of piano, guitar are added to him and battery, so that the musicians can try their songs. One hopes that the company presents/displays a new version of its extreme portable computer thin MacBook Air, with one more a smaller screen and a battery that lasts more. In the trimester that just finished, the sales of the Mac computers were of 4,900 million dollars, less than the quarter of the total sales of Apple. The titles of Apple raised a 1%, to 312,25 dollars in the Nasdaq.


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