Technews 4 everyone: Lion new Mac OS X

Lion new Mac OS X

Apple will return to the load the next week, more indeed the 20 of October, in the conference that will have by Back title to the Mac. Behind the image of the silver-plated apple that is appraised in the invitation card can see the presence of a lion, which does not leave place to doubts about the intention of the event. Before the absence of details on the characteristics of Mac OS X 10,7, the debate concentrates in why of the election of this feline. For Apple years it uses different felines to name to the versions of his operating system. This time the bet would seem to arrive at a ceiling and to defy to the rest of the technological ones due to the chosen one: the king of the forest. And perhaps he marks the aim of the family… what another feline can surpass the lion? The certain thing is that the 20 of October Steve Jobs will present/display in society to Mac OS X 10,7 and will give therefore a push to the software, forgotten by Apple in the middle of the frenetic race to appropriate the movable market with his iPad, iPhone 4 and iOS 4. The new operating system in himself details are not known, although surely Apple will bet to make its software still more effective and perhaps simplify it to make the transition for the customary users to Windows simpler.


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