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MacBook Air

The MacBook Air owns technical qualities similar to any other portable one but with the slenderness of 0,76 inches (less than two centimeters), equivalent to a handful of leaves or, in other words, notebook thinner of the world. So real it is this comparison that can be kept in any on typical from office without inconvenient majors. As far as design, it follows the line of the MacBook saga. Had in silver plating he is minimalist but for that reason it does not have little design. Its weight, of 1,36 kg, is not as low as one would think by the thin thing that it is the machine, although it does not prevent absolutely to its portability. One is one of portable the most maneuverable ones than notebooks' can exist in the world of `; and it can be a great solution for which they need to move permanently. Once abierta we were with a screen TFT panoramic LED shining of 13,3 inches of high resolution and an extremely comfortable keyboard that its use facilitates. His `trackpad' it is of generous dimensions also facilitating all the routes of the leader by the operating system of the mark, OS X Leopard. In addition it owns integrated camera. To the being a computer of a profile `extraslim' it forces us to the use of peripheral, since the MacBook Air is not able to carry CD or DVD. It only owns a small very ingenious drop-down cover in the part of underneath the machine in which three connectors unfold: Check Out this video on youtube you'll find it like macbook air.


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