Technews 4 everyone: Facebook the company that better payment

Facebook the company that better payment

If there are employees allowed in the branch of the technology, those are those of Facebook. The company of Mark Zuckerberg is the company that better wages offers in the industry, with an annual average of 110 thousand 500 dollars, that transformed to Mexican pesos would mean million 355 thousand 412 pesos with 45 cents, according to the parity dollar - weight of this Friday. The wage of a worker of Facebook would mean in Mexican parameters 112 thousand 915 pesos monthly. According to the data of a ranking of Glassdoor where they appear the best pays by branch, Facebook not only is the best company to work in the technological industry by its atmosphere, now is it also by its pays. Glassdoor is dedicated to analyze and to publish studies and notes of companies with direction to the use search. In his vestibule it did not detail if in the averages of the list benefits are included. In the second and third place of the list of the partnerships with more attractive payment they are Cisco and Yahoo. First it offers the 105 thousand and second 101 thousand dollars to the year in average. The mark of Steve Jobs, Apple, takes care in the fourth place with 99 thousand one hundred dollars annual. Google, one of the companies that is considered as one of the best ones to toil is located in the fifth place with 98 thousand 814 annual green tickets. Recently, the company that owns the finder of more popular Internet of the planet announced that it will construct a mini city for his employees in a platform of the NASA in California. The objective is to create an atmosphere where their workers can go to their offices, even have spaces for the leisure and day-care centers.


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