Technews 4 everyone: Werevertumorro the new star of youtube?

Werevertumorro the new star of youtube?

A young person of 23 years has obtained more than 700 thousand reproductions with monologues in which the same speech of the commercial ones, tips of how to bind, etc. " Hello puppies! " , it is the phrase with which " Werevertumorro" videoblog initiates each, a series of recordings that every time take more force in Mexico. The last one had more than 56 thousand visits in YouTube in only two days and it was placed at the top in favorites of that channel by Internet. " Werevertumorro" it is a monologue in which the same is spoken of commercial Mexican, the technical ones to bind or parodies towards the Paulette case with an own language of the generation to which one goes. Gabriel Montiel, who is the name of the boy, raises the recordings with a simple edition program and does the times of Shane Dawson or iCarly, in televising version. Evident they fan of other stars of the YouTube like the Canaca and Dulce Sarahí, the W2M, as also autonombra is counted on its own channel of videos, in which it has raised more than 20 videos and more than 700 thousand reproductions altogether. " I hope that many of you begin this of videoblog, what it seems to them if you begin to do videos" , Montiel to its followers invites, who in their majority praise, it, although several also say to him that it is stopped doing " funny".The success is evident that has the product " Werevertumorro" in the Internet, to have its own channel in Youtube, profile in Twitter and Facebook like diffusion means. Now " werevertumorro" it has his own page. Podcasts of is in Itunes. It is important to emphasize that " werevertumorro" perhaps it has much popularity in Mexico, in the future this concept extends to other countries. I leave the Link of the page


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