Technews 4 everyone: Windows Live messenger 2011

Windows Live messenger 2011

The next update of Windows Live Messenger on the part of Microsoft Corp. it will allow to the users greater flexibility with his accounts in the networks of social contact. After several attempts to turn Live Windows into a social network proper, Microsoft has chosen not to compete directly with popular Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other sites. However, the company looked for means to combine its popular network of electronic mail with the instantaneous text messages and informed his cibersite with contributions of Facebook, Twitter and others. Live Messenger, the program of instantaneous messages of Microsoft, already allows to show the messages of Twitter, loads of photos of Flickr, reviews of Yelp and other contents of Internet. The update, that will be offered towards year ends, will allow that the users of Live Messenger not only receive but also that send updates to vestibules like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. Fear to an excess of information? Live Messenger will exhibit in outstanding form the updates of contacts indicated like favorites. The program also will try to consolidate the list of contacts to exhibit a single entrance of each person friend, although The Hague loaded in five different sites. The new version will perfect the dialogues by video in high resolution and will simultaneously ensure communications of video with text messages and interchange of photos of a computer or a site like Facebook.


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