Technews 4 everyone: Windows Phone only 7 counts on 3,000 applications

Windows Phone only 7 counts on 3,000 applications

Two months after the launching of Windows Phone 7 Microsoft it reveals finally the number of applications available for its movable operating system. The company has published post in one of his blogs 3,000 officials where it informs into which at present apps has to the platform. The company/signature of Redmond trusts that this number will be increased quickly thanks to the support of the 15,000 developers that already are creating tools for the digital store of their operating system. The number enough is reduced in comparison with the one of both virtual warehouses that dominate the market of apps movable. The AppStore de Apple has more than 300,000, while Android Market, of Google, finishes exceeding the 100.000. However, the growth of the number of developer yes is a good signal for the technological giant. According to echo Venture Beat becomes, at the beginning of this month Microsoft had been obtained with please the 13,000, reason why the increase in these three weeks would have been considerable. Microsoft has realised an important effort from February (month in that the platform in the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona announced) to be able to persuade to developers to work in favor of its product. The company of Steve Ballmer is trying to recruit to these creators of software through contests, fairs, conventions and even meetings with executives.


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