Technews 4 everyone: Yahoo! makes messenger more social and funny

Yahoo! makes messenger more social and funny

More social, funnier, more interactive and better communicated, they are some of the new qualities of 11 version Beta of the Messenger de Yahoo!, which already can be unloaded. In agreement with Yahoo!, the users will be able to challenge to their friendly to a series of social games, like Mafia Wars and Fishville. " Now you can chat directly with your friendly of Facebook from Messenger. Joint party and updates your state, publishes commentaries and mantente to the day of your conversations in Facebook and Yahoo! from your Messenger" , the company informs. It mentions that in the new platform it will be possible to be chat through video with great quality and complete screen. Also to realise calls free of PC PC and calls of telephone PC from 1,2 pennies of Euro per minute " (and with free mail of voice)". And the fun is in the form like you expresses through emoticonos, ups and downs, animations and surroundings. Apart from which its reproducer of multimedia will allow to see videos in the Web and photos you with your friendly.


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