Technews 4 everyone: YouTube summons to form Symphony orchestra

YouTube summons to form Symphony orchestra

The director of Marketing research of Consumption for Google Latin America, White Miguel Angel, today informed here that the second edition of the Symphony orchestra YouTube abrió its call to all the community, especially for which are become fond of to music. ' We invite the society YouTube and Google so that it sends a hearing video and it can comprise of this orchestra sinfónica' , it said Dawn, after noticing that this 28 of November the call will be closed, and from then, it will initiate the process of selection of musicians who will form the band. Dynamics is thus: The public enters the page ( and selects the instrument that he prefers. Low the score that was destined for the effect records, it and deposits the video in that same channel. From then the community You Tube it votes by his musicians and favorite videos. The public will select to the best videos and the winner of the Grammy, Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor of the Symphony orchestra, will select to the musicians who will be to integrate that grouping, that until today is had thought is of around 90 musicians, although this year there is space for soloists. ' The idea is that those artists alone incorporate their novel interpretations within music generally. That is to say, those artists can play nontraditional, like a hand saw, water glasses full and other objects that can produce an pleasant loudness to oído' , he added. The soloists also will have a space during the great end of YouTube Symphony Orchestra, with a concert in Opera House de Sydney, that will take place in March of 2011, informed the director into Marketing research of Consumption for Google Latin America. It remembered that for the first edition of the contest, the last year, they were received near three thousand videos of more than 90 countries and trusted that this year those numbers with a participation major will be exceeded. Nevertheless, Dawn said that the success of the project does not measure it in terms of received videos. It has it to the success measured in the impact of promotion that can give music and, in this tactical mission, to classic music; this year, the symphony main that will be touched in Sydney is a composition of Mason Bats called ' Mothership' that it offers the opportunity to improvise, indicated. The participants, said, obtain an international forum to be able to present their talent and its work, apart from which some videos will serve to arm a piece in YouTube with a Virtual Symphony orchestra that, as of incoming March, will become public. In addition, the participants will realise a trip everything paid to Sydney during one week, to participate in different academies with celebrities from the world of music, will coexist with musicians of other countries and could be part of the great concert in Opera House, concluded White Miguel Angel. In agreement with the bases of the call, the interpreters with more talent and creativity will be selected to be part of the Symphony orchestra of YouTube 2011 and will touch in March in Opera de Sydney, under the baton of the director Michael Tilson Thomas, which represents a great opportunity.


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