Technews 4 everyone: Apple eliminates application of WikiLeaks of its store

Apple eliminates application of WikiLeaks of its store

Apple retired of its store iTunes, the digital retail major at world-wide level, an application nonofficial who facilitated to iPhones and iPads the access to documents filtered by WikiLeaks. Through an official notice, the company explained that the application had been retired of its App Store " because it violated our lineamientos for desarrolladores" , but it did not specify which. " The applications must fulfill all the local laws and not put in danger to no individual or groups específicos" , it also said the company. The application was commercialized in the virtual store by US$1,99 and its retirement took place three days after its launching, happened the 17 of December. In agreement with the company, before it retired of the virtual store, the unloadings of the application surpassed the 4.000.


The programmer of the application, Igor Barinov, said that Apple had said to him that the application violated two of its governing principles. First he is related to attacks of personal nature: " Any application that are difamatoria, offensive, malicious or that can affect to a person or a group in specific, will be rechazada". The second indicates that " the applications must fulfill all the legal requirements of any place where they become disponibles". " (Apple) it indicated that there is no way of which the measurement is revertida" , Barinov said to him to the BBC. The measurement takes days after a series of companies, including Amazon, Visa, Matercard and PayPal, would prevail to the site of filtrations of their financial services. Those companies implemented that measurement after the publication, in WikiLeaks, of confidential archives of the American diplomacy. Although the application of WikiLeaks was not official, US$1 of each US$1,99 appointed the organization, explained Barinov. The expert assures that he created the application to help to WikiLeaks by his interest in " information on flying objects not identify" that it could be contained in filtered documents of the organization.
Source: Google News


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