Technews 4 everyone: Apple prepares a television 3D without needing lenses

Apple prepares a television 3D without needing lenses

Company patented a technology that creates images that the brain interprets in 3D. It could be used for televisions, screens and be extended to science. 

The Apple company, directed by Steve Jobs prepares a device that would make the reality possible 3D in the screens without needing lenses, after patenting a technology that tracks the movement of is watching those who it, creating holograms.According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, the system is based on microscopic cupolas that measure just as a pixel, which transmit images from angles for the left and right eye. Thus, an image is created that the brain interprets like three-dimensional. With this device, the lenses 3D would not be necessary and thus this technology could be used in televisions, screens of computer and cinema to give one more a more real experience, even extending its possibilities to science.

Source: The telegraph 


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