Technews 4 everyone: Google sends new version of Android and announces a new telephone, " Nexus S"

Google sends new version of Android and announces a new telephone, " Nexus S"

Google today sent the last version of the abierto operating system, Android 2,3, and announced its second intelligent telephone with Samsung, Nexus S, that will leave on sale in the USA in the middle of December with the new software. The technological giant announced these new features in a day of launchings waited for during months, because also it started up his digital bookstore, the major of the world with more than three million titles available. The version Android 2,3, well-known popularly in English like " Gingerbread" (ginger bread), he is already available for developer, an option so that other companies integrate this operating system on their intelligent telephones. From the 16 of December, that same version will be able to be found in some stores on a new telephone developed by Google with Samsung, Nexus S, within the line that in past January removed Nexus One on sale. The new telephone will offer the technology " Near Field Communication" (NFC), a mechanism that allows the moving body to read Chips in objects like a sticker, a poster or even a t-shirt, and that would serve like tool of direct payments from the telephone. According to a spokesman of Google said to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the Internet company does not glide to remove monetary benefits with this type from applications. The company also said that Nexus S will be the first intelligent telephone with a curved screen thought to adapt to the face of the user and its palm of the hand. Just as the last version of the moving body of Apple iPhone 4, will introduce two cameras, one of them in the frontal part of the apparatus to make calls with video. This telephone, that will have a processor of 1GHz Hummingbird and 16GB of internal memory, will be able to be bought with a contract of two years of the company of T-Mobile telephones in the USA by 199 dollars or frees without contract by 529 dollars. In the United Kingdom Nexus S will on sale leave the 20 December in the branches of it electronic product stores Best Buy and in Carphone Warehouse. The first telephone with operating system Android left on sale in November of 2008 and since then more than one hundred developer they have adopted east software with which Google is abre in this competitive market and obtains that more people use their services by means of the moving body. As far as the operating system, Google gave some details because its version is faster than the previous ones, has a new keyboard in screen, functions improved of short and beats, or the system of calls by Internet.

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