Technews 4 everyone: The most find on internet 2010 Top ten

The most find on internet 2010 Top ten

The spill of BP, the sales of iPad and the divorce of Tiger Woods, between the looked for subjects more; Yahoo, Bing de Microsoft and AOL reveal the data on the most popular terms in the United States.

Oil spills, technological successes and sentimental failures were the subjects that reigned in the searches of the year that goes away, in agreement with the tendencies of Yahoo, Bing de Microsoft and AOL. The three technological companies revealed which were the looked for terms more during 2010 in the United States in different categories: from the news that caused commotion, to the celebrities that for different reasons appeared in `top of mind' of the internauts. An ecological disaster, world-wide a sport event, the small star of the MGP present and a young singer lead the total searches of Yahoo. " During the last decade, the place number 1 has been occupied by companies (from the service of musical unloading Kazaa), shows of TV (American Idol) and celebrities (Britney Spears). For the first time, the news occupies the first place of searches, being the petroleum spill in the Gulf of México" , it says Side H-C Chan, directive of Yahoo. The 10 terms that people in Yahoo looked for more are: 1. BP Oil Spill 2. World Cup 3. Miley Cirus 4. Kim Kardashian 5. Lady Gaga 6. iPhone 7. Megan Fox 8. Justin Bieber 9. American Idol 10. Britney Spears  Yahoo is located in line in the second place of the global market of searches, with 6,42%, reports NetMarketShare. On the other hand AOL divides its report of the looked for terms more in 2010 in the categories of celebrities, the news, health, sales, films and tendencies. " 2010 were the year of divorces, invasion of insects and a famous octogenaria celebrity. From revolutionary technology to tragedy on the environment, this was most representative of the searches in portal" it says the company/signature, from a special section in his page of Internet. The most looked for in the vestibule of AOL it was: Celebrities - " Tiger Woods" , with greater latency after its divorce in September, over " Justin Bieber" , " Lady Gaga" and " Sandra Bullock". The news - " Petroleum spill of BP" , peaky after the total closing of the well in July, above of terms like " Desempleo" , " Earthquake in Haiti" and " Recall de Toyota". Health - " Chinches" , after the plague that was lived in New York and arrived until the Empire State of New York. They followed the subjects to him on " Salmonella" , " BPA" , and " Celiac Disease". Technology - " iPad" , with its announcement the 27 of January, its sale to the public in May and like gift for the decembrina time. They followed " to him; iPhone" , " Brazilian Blowout" and " Blackberry Torch". Films - " Alicia in the Country of the Maravillas" , of Tim Burton. In the following positions they appeared tapes like " Toy Story 3" , " Eclipse" and " Shutter Island". Tendencies: The octogenaria actress " Betty White" it took the first position, above of " Chatroulette" , " Pants on the Ground" and " Vuvuzelas". AOL has a participation within the global market of searches in the 0,56% network, in agreement with data of NetMarketShare. Meanwhile, Bing de Microsoft also revealed its annual statistics on the terms that the Americans in 2010 looked for more, without dividing them in categories and comparing it with the 2009 tendencies. " While the searches of the past year were referring to virus AH1N1 and the market of action, this year exists an abysmal popularity on the news of celebrities. Now, the economy appears only in two occasions in top 10, with the store of discounts Walmart and the term `gratis' " , it says the company/signature, through the news in his blog official. This is the most looked for list of in 2010, in agreement with the company/signature of Microsoft: 1. Kim Kardashian 2. Sandra Bullock 3. Tiger Woods 4. Lady Gaga 5. Barack Obama 6. Hairstyles 7. Kate Gosselin 8. Walmart 9. Justin Bieber 10. Free Bing owns the 3,13% of the global market of finders in Intenet, indicate numbers of NetMarketShare. Google, company that leads the market with 84,76% of the global searches, will present/display in the middle of December its report " Zeitgeist 2010" where it announces the terms more appellants during the year, tendencies and key words of other countries like Mexico. In 2009, Google said that the most looked for in the EU they were the terms " Twitter" , " Michael Jackson" , " Facebook" , " Hulu" and " Hi5" ; in Mexico, the first place occupied " Taringa" , a network of personal messages, " YouTube" , " Facebook" , " Google" translator; and " Games of Mario". 



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