Technews 4 everyone: Tron: Get on the grid

Tron: Get on the grid

Who cannot hope until December for Tron: Legacy? We! And good you and million people more around the world. For that reason we today bring the new application to them that left for Facebook related to the film of Disney. In Tron: On the Grid you can create a video with your photo of a scene in the film. Your personage is running light cycle (something that would be very useful in a cork in the Baldorioty) in competition with… good, better sees it by you yourself. You must treat it by two things: first because it is Tron, duh; and secondly, because the phase mapping is very well obtained. To only I warn them that they must have a good connection of Internet or will be a a little painful process to hope by the final result. After they make its video can raise it his wall or to the one of its friendly or to lower it to its computers. I did one for you in case its connection is not the best one, thus will be able to see that the application goes.

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