Technews 4 everyone: What I can be bought in Christmas?

What I can be bought in Christmas?

In these days it is very common to see people in the supermarkets, the technological places, etc. Some of them advance the purchases of Christmas presents, others review prices and marks. But most important it must be to buy intelligently for that reason I pass some to you tips than you can buy: Laptops When buying one laptop you are not due to fix if  is the one that this fashionable one, or if is most expensive. This is a serious error! , you must analyze your needs of work to see if the apparatus fulfills your expectations. It analyzes if you are student of basic level, average superior or superior, that laptop is adapted for you. If you are student of basic level you are not going to ask  to Santa Claus whom to you laptop with monitor HD Full brings super, with sound sorround and with a storage capacity of a TV. In if there is not one better mark of laptops, all is good but it is necessary to know what is the one that adapts to our needs. If you are going to buy one laptop you must take into account in which: 
1. In agreement it passes the time your equipment will become obsolete. 2. It has durarte some time (according to the use that ) 3. You have to do that operating system has (If it is Mac or Windows and what adapt better to your needs of work). Movable devices In the market several movable devices exist, there are many are the SmartPhones calls or " Inteligent" telephones;. Also there is Tablet PC, etc. Like when buying one laptop you have to do as they are your needs, for example: If you are Executive it is necessary that you buy a Smarthphone since is your tool of work, is more I practice to take it with himself, etc. But you are a person we say common that goes to the school, work, goes out, etc. Is of mere logic that you do not go to buy a Smarthphone, you have buy a cellular one that adapts to your labor needs, of communication and mainly of cost. If you have more spending power to perhaps " interests bought you one; Tablet" or " PC" tablet;. It has the same functions that a Smarthphone (almost not all) no longer require of input devices like keyboard or mouse. They have TouchScreen Technology. Important if you go to buysome new apparatus takes into account the following thing: Your needs of work for which you require buy the apparatus. Cost of the same and cost of maintenance (in case you can pay to the plan of a Smarthphone and access to Internet in Tablet PC and laptops). 

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