Technews 4 everyone: 20 Advice to increase the number of visits in your Blog

20 Advice to increase the number of visits in your Blog

1. You must like much by your Blog. You must write in him in vain and not forced. It tries to write on things in which you are an expert or on subjects who interests to you and not to the others. 2. Elije a thematic one. You can write on several things that you like, but there are better results with Blogs focused in a single subject (or not more than 3) like Medicine, Laws, Technology, Apple, Diversion, Meals, blond Programming in Ruby, Women, Animate, etc. 3. You must write frequently. In order to see good results you need to begin with a minimum of 3 posts to the day. The Blogs with good amount of visits to the day posts new to the day writes from 3 to 5, now the Blogs professional offer from 15 to 20 posts new to the day. 4. It creates content and you do not copy. There is nothing of bad in mentioning to another Blogs or pages, but of giving him there Copy-it grazes crude and it last to everything post of another Blog, including videos and images it is another thing. Google detects the repeated content and in the end it penalizes to the pages that do this. The original content is benefitted. 5. Google will bring a good number to you of visits. More from 70% of the visits of several Blogs they arrive generally by searches in Google, I know its friend and you do not do anything against him. You need that Google wants to you and is of your side. You do not break any of its Directives. Úsalas like the 10 orders. It is good for being a CATHEDRAL of white hat. 6. Whenever you can uses clear images or videos that contribute to the content of post. Posts of only letters usually is boring. It watches this excellent example. 7. It writes with order and using scores. The short orations are better to read than infinite paragraphs without commas, followed points, nor points aside. In the Spanish we commit the error to write long super orations using “the comma”, “and”, “then” or “but”, the followed point is better in these cases. It tries to separate ideas with points separate, uses in addition tags H2, H3, H4 to create subtitles. Always with its order by ranks, a H4 cannot go before a H2. It directly verifies or as he is template of your blog or but fíjate his code. It finds out if already the H1 for the title of the Blog and the H2 for the title of post uses. Then the subtitles would go with H3. 8. The USA tag “alt” in each photo, but alt descriptive of 3 to 5 words by photo, not more. Nothing of “foto01 ″, pon things like “Cat eating squirrels”, “cellular nokia 3320 ″, etc. Several systems like the one of WordPress, already request a description to you for alt at the time of inserting an image, never you leave emptiness it. If 70% of the visits arrive by Google, 30% of those visits come from Google images. People look for photos or drawings using Google, are then that looking for some image somebody arrives at your page, in the end remains reading and if it liked it will visit to you frequently. 9. It interacts with other sites. You do not have to be a static person who only writes in her Blog. You need to visit another Blogs with thematic similars yours, better if they are Blogs more famous than yours. It participates thinking of the subject, but thinking interesting things so that the other commentators decide to find out who you are and they visit to you. Who knows, until the author of the Blog when seeing as you participate soon she decides banearte or tenerte in its Blogroll. In your posts it uses pingbacks or trackbacks, when you speak of subjects that you read in others blogs, mentions the exact page where you read something, the blogósfera thanks for it to you. Pings leaves published between the commentaries of the other Blog and a new micro-bubble of commentaries between posts is created. 10. The USA Marketing of Web 2.0. You can crearte an account in thousands of gratuitous places, like Facebook, to twitter, Flickr, Youtube,, Iconbuffet, etc and to see interact with more people than soon visits and reads your Blog to you. 11. It registers your Blog in the greater amount of Networks of Blogs. A very important one is Technoratti. For example Aeromental this in Boliviaweb, is gratuitous sites that do not request anything to you in return. 12. You never pay by connections. All we know that we needed that people connect to us so that Google gives to major priority us. But something prohibited by Google is links paid, does not accept nor requests no. 13. It tries to see that your posts leaves the news by voting of users like Digg somewhere, menéame or enchílame. This better if somebody does by you because usually they prohibit the car-big drum, osseous one that one gets to put its connections of its own page. A site that if it accepts this is Fresqui. 14. The USA descriptive titles. You do not put things like: “Thus blog changes my yesterday” or “I want that my cat dies”, it is better than in your titles you better put the main words of your post and still if you use numbers like “8 steps mudar a Blog de WordPress “, “10 forms to drown a cat”, “4 advice for your first appointment”. 15. Elije or creates template easy to read and express to load. You do not fill the design of your Blog with heavy images. The USA only the necessary thing. You do not put videos in your design. This good to use videos in posts, but in the design of template is unnecessary and heavy. You never put sound to him, it does not have nothing else annoying that abrir a page and this puts a song to you of surprise in the middle of the night. 16. At the most simple he is the all best one. Elije combinations of colors easy to read, by own experience is nothing no better than dark letters on bottom clearly. Elije a good size of letter, Blogs with very small letters in the end would cause to effort and headache to their readers. The majority of that we used computers by defect already we used lenses because we have the damaged view. Ten in account that. 17. Flock commentaries that insult or that do not contribute in anything in the subject like: Hello to all, I need friendly (+ 20 emoticones). Also it eliminates all the commentaries of bots of Spam, that by some reason escaped to him to Akismet. 18. It avoids to write with slang, osseous with own words of your country or deformations of the language. It remembers that they are going to you to read of several countries and cultures. You do not say: “madrazo”, I gave “hard blow in the entrails”. You do not say: “Stoy felicote Kon all ke passes weys to me”. I gave: “I am very happy in this stage of my life”. Before publishing post, it reviews your spelling and fíjate to use tags li, ol, and ul for the enumerated or listed things in which you wrote and tags strong (bold), or member state (cursive) to emphasize important words or phrases. 19. It writes with affability, very you are not reserved nor formal in your posts, is better to be informal but without exaggerating in using slang, as I said before. For example if you put: “Microsoft will buy to Apple like part of its world-wide expansion, notifies to much pain to me”. Better pon something more sincere like: “Microsoft has decided to buy to Apple, now hell will be congealed and will rain Zunes in the Paradise.” 20. Organized, it uses few descriptive categories and several tags main. It is good for maintaining 1 or 2 categories by post and from 3 to 5 tags.


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