Technews 4 everyone: Boy of 14 years develops a game more unloaded from App store

Boy of 14 years develops a game more unloaded from App store

A boy of only 14 years has managed to surpass what many have wanted within the App Store, to be in the first place of unloadings, after to create a gratuitous application that in spite of having some details that to polish, and a quite simple graphical interface, has managed to become everything a profit that many great companies envy without doubt. The game has surpassed to great titles like Angry  Birds in its gratuitous version, and was developed by Robert Nay, who in his free short whiles decided to learn the bases of the programming for devices of Apple, giving origin to Bubble Ball, a game that consists of taking a ball to its final destiny removing benefit from the “gravity”. Now Robert is thinking about his following development which has decided to maintain privily, and perhaps in this occasion it decides to receive by and beginning a true business to his short age.

Source: Apple Web Blog


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