Technews 4 everyone: Messenger and Facebook are connected

Messenger and Facebook are connected

Windows Live Messenger and Facebook are integrated and allowed the users to remain in contact with all friendly and relatives. From beginning of this month, the users of both social networks can chatear directly with their contacts through Messenger and Facebook, independent of the platform in which they are, acceding to these functions from any place that connect Messenger de Hotmail, tray of entrance or even from the application for iPhone Messenger. How to qualify this function? well, if you connect Facebook from the Messenger you must enter from where they will be able to bind both services and this way to synchronize the contacts and the accounts. Once this connection is realised, Facebook will connect through all the products of Live Windows and its services. Like result, you will have to your contacts of Facebook in a small window to the right of your list of contacts in Messenger, from which you will be able abrir eyelashes to chat with them. And of inverse way, if you are in your account of Facebook your friendly of Messenger will appear in the list of contacts for chat in your profile of Facebook. The interesting thing of this is that your friendly of Messenger do not have to be enrolled in Facebook so that chatees with them in the social network, nor your contacts of Facebook must have a Live account to be able comunicarte with them from Messenger If accounts with these two platforms, you cannot perderte this service of integration.

Source: Windows Live actualizations


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