Technews 4 everyone: Rock Band 3 is updated online

Rock Band 3 is updated online

The changes for Rock Band 3 include solutions for failures and improvements, with Band Rock Network 2,0 like main newness: game changes: * The distortion of the sound that caused some keyboards with PS3 has attenuated. * The answer to the voice in certain configurations of sound has improved and button BACK has activated to try to solve it. * The pedal of the Mustang guitar Pro and the corresponding ones to the keyboards, now, control the Overdrive. * The scores are deactivated when pause is made several times to avoid advantages. * Visual improvements to distinguish better the icons on the bottom. * The peripheral ones of manufacturing third parties have been limited as far as functionality, but the basic functions will stay. Changes online: * Solved the problems with chat of voice in PS3. * The sound no longer is distorted with the sharps. * All the players must have the improvements Pro to play with the unloadings of contents. Changes in the bookstore of songs and the store: * The songs Pro Guitar keep correctly. * The store has been reorganized online. Changes in Practical Way: * The sharps, now behave correctly. * All the speeds work correctly in the tutorial. Solved failures: * In the publisher of personages no longer it fails when selecting certain eyebrows or to choose randomly. * Diverse smaller problems and of text have been corrected.

Source: Testing of Rock Band 3 ps3 


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