Technews 4 everyone: Google circles a reality?

Google circles a reality?

When " looks for in Google the phrase; social networks" i sorprise the new news Google Circles the new social network of Internet. I read several articles related on the news, between which says that is only a project, others posts says that if it is a reality. I put myself to investigate by my account I put in the finder " Google Circles" and in the second result appears social Google when I gave click in the left part superior him says " Social circle" after the right side there is an eyelash that says " Social content". Down it gives a small explanation you of the two eyelashes. Very textually it says thus

Your social connections as determined by Google are currently a blank slate.
You can add social connections and start seeing social search results by following a few simple steps:
  • Add people to the "Friends", "Family" or "Coworkers" group in your Google contacts
  • Link to the services where your friends are (e.g. Twitter or Facebook) through your Connected accounts or Google profile
  • If you would like to see more content from your Google contacts, encourage them to create a Google profile and add links to their content there
 t again looks for in the finder and not appears nothing similar. The Link that I only share to them leaves when they look for Google circles in the result I number 2. Probably it is a reality Google Circles, is necessary to hope.

Source: ( see also "Google circles"


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