Technews 4 everyone: Tomorrow presentation of Ipad 2

Tomorrow presentation of Ipad 2

The creators of iPhone summoned the week last to the press specialized to a presentation related to their popular computer science tablet that will take east place Wednesday 2 of March from the 10 in the morning local time (18,00 GMT) in center of Arts Good Grass in that Californian city. An appointment that was indicated automatically by the analysts like the scene of the lighting of rumored iPad 2, although has been no official confirmation on the matter, is going nor it to have. It is custom that the technological companies privily keep their new products until the last moment with the intention to surprise the experts and to generate fascination, a marketing game that works if the new device is around the circumstances. Before this panorama, if Apple does not have in kept in the sleeve the second generation from iPad (or something more surprising), the deception between the analysts would be as immense as enormous it is the interest that has waked up the event of Wednesday. Basically, everybody gives by fact that tomorrow iPad that it dazzled in 2010 will be surpassed by one more a tablet lighter, finer, more powerful, with two cameras to take photos and video, and that will leave to the market with a price similar to the one its predecessor. To those characteristics, that of as much commenting in specialized pages Web seem to be a fact, other could be added that have been arising days back in Internet as a filtrations of anonymous sources but that they have not reached the same degree of popularity. The last one in adding itself to this figurative description of hypothetical iPad 2 was that Apple will remove a tablet in white color, an aesthetic variation that captivates many fans of Mac but that no matter how hard it has announced it has finished arriving not even at iPhone 4. It is to hope that iPad 2 continues faithful to the original style, is seen, with black margins and bases metalised gray. Also it has been speculated on with the probability that the new tablet will do hers the high resolution of screen of iPhone 4, called " retina display" or that will duplicate its capacity of storage, up to 128 GB. Between the discardings, gurús of the network has assumed that will be no ports for memory cards SD, connections USB and that the arrival of flash to the Apple universe will not take place this time either. Although the company of Cupertino has more and more difficult to leave agape the experts, is to hope that iPad, more or less renewed, it will continue dominating the market of tablets during 2011 like in 2010, in spite of the increasing competition of apparatuses with operating system Android de Google. iPad saw the light in January of 2010 and arrived at the stores in April becoming a phenomenon of sales. The past year the Apple commercialized more than 16 million these devices that abrieron the door to a new niche from market to which little by little other companies were incorporating their products, although without the repercussion of iPad. Facing 2011, the competition in the business of the tablets becomes hardened with the bets of companies like RIM, manufacturer of Blackberry, Motorola, Samsung or HP, that developed devices that trim distances with iPad.


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