Technews 4 everyone: What new features bring iPad 2?

What new features bring iPad 2?

After weeks of speculations on its state of health, Steve Jobs reappeared Wednesday in public to present/display the renewed version of its well-known iPad, iPad 2. A device del that has been sold more than 15 million units of his first generation, and that with its version 2.0 trusts seating its reign in the flourishing industry of the tablets.- Design: iPad 2 has one more a cleared form than its predecessor, which grants more protagonism to the screen. In addition, it will be commercialized in black and white, against the color silverplated of the original one. - Power: Its new A5 processor of double nucleus to 1 GHz grants to iPad 2 nine times more graphical power than a4 chip integrated in the previous model. - Screen: Without new features in this section. The tablet of Apple continues with its screen of 9.7 inches, with resolution of 1024x768 pixels, reason why the awaited Displey Retina has not been implemented, available in iPhone 4. - Dimensions: iPad 2 has measures of 241.2 xs 185.7 xs 8.8 millimeters, against the 242.8 xs 189.7 xs 13.4 of the first design. In conclusion, he is something smaller and a 33% finer than its predecessor. Weight: Besides reducing their size, those of Cupertino also have made a 13% lighter their tablet. Concretely of 680 to 601 grams in its Wifi version and from 730 to 613 in the stand for casks (WiFi+ 3G). - Cameras: iPad 2 releases east device by double game. An advantage with quality VGA and another back that allows to record videos in high resolution (HD) with digital zoom lens of up to five increases. Thanks to the Facetime application, videocall available in iPhone 4, also arrives at ' tablet' of Apple. - Connectivity: Thanks to their exit 1080p HDMI, the users iPad 2 to the television will be able to connect his to enjoy contents in high resolution. - Gyroscope: The new model incorporates a gyroscope of 3 axes (similar to the one of iPhone and iPod Touch), that comes to add to the accelerometer, the sensor of environmental light and the GPS including in iPad original. - Smartcover: A new tablet requires new cover. Available in ten colors and with versions in poliuretenano and skin, ' Smart Cover' one is reconciled perfectly to the device to protect his screen. In addition, iPad activates or it is automatically put in rest when rising or to fold this one on ' gadget'. - Battery: Apple is boasted to have maintained in 10 hours the autonomy of the battery, in spite of the new features implemented in the device. - Operating system: The 11 of March and parallel form to the launching of iPad 2, iOs 4,3 will be available, a new update of UNDER de Apple that will improve the yield of Safari navigator, besides turning to its devices in joining points WiFi, to share the connection of data of the moving body.Models and price: They stay just as in iPad original. Storage of 16, 32 and 64 GB in two versions: WiFi and WiFi+ 3G. All of them, with the same price that the first generation, and available as of 11 of March in the United States and two weeks later in the rest of the world. We are in the hope of iPad 2.



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