Technews 4 everyone: Google closes Google Videos

Google closes Google Videos

For that they did not know it, Google had between its multiple functions to Google Videos, service of videos that was the competition of YouTube at the time. It was created before the finder acquired to YouTube it used and it like his main distributor of videos. The videos that have been raised will disappear. When? Google Videos was created in 2005 and it was the proposal of Google to store and to distribute videos of his users in the Web at the time. It was in 2009 when the option to raise videos this service was interrupted, and so it was only the function of the finder. Time later Google account of the obvious thing occurred: with the acquisition of YouTube Google Videos it stopped being right to be, reason why, logically, it will be closed next the 13 of May. At the moment, Google invites to which have raised material Google Videos that migrate their contents to YouTube, or keep that them by means of a button from unloading which they added with the purpose of to preserve the videos lodged there. Otherwise, the videos will be lost without remedy. Also, it is possible to mention that Google has a function search of videos, but this one will be closed next the 29 of April, because it hopes that functions and improvements are integrated to him. 

 Source: PC World Magazine


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