Technews 4 everyone: YouTube wants Premium channels and a radical redesign

YouTube wants Premium channels and a radical redesign

YouTube looks for distribution of contents done by professionals according to The Wall Street Journal. The audio-visual vestibule of Google, works in the creation of 20 Premium channels through which it will reproduce original contents of high quality and productions. This could be working at the end of this year. YouTube not yet comments nothing on the matter, nevertheless the project supposes an investment of approximately 100 million dollars. The project of Premium channels would arrive accompanied from a radical redesign of in the future near site according to a spokesman of Cnet. At the moment channels in the page and programs of payment of contents exist depending the advertising income that are handled. The new project of channels of better level could attack Netflix, one of the most important distributors at level online in the EU. Netflix offers a service of reproduction of videos, films and series by streaming just as YouTube, that is to say, without needing unloading. Although Google already counts on Google TV of tele through the Web, this news of YouTube none.
Source: The wall street journal


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