Technews 4 everyone: How to pass your photos of Facebook to Google+?

How to pass your photos of Facebook to Google+?

Option 1: It enters Facebook> account> Configuration of account> To unload your information. After the hours or days that afternoons in lowering all your information you will have a folder in your computer. Option 2: Using and it enters your account of Facebook. It chooses “To find my Photos” and later you do click in “Unloading”. This is going to unload all the photos where you are taggeado it will put and them in a folder .ZIP. EYE: Once you finish using PickNZip modifies in the sections of security of Facebook and it deactivates east program of the Used list of Apps. In order to raise them Google+ In Google+> accounts> My photos> To add photos> To select of a Computer. It looks for folder that you finish creating and chooses the circles with which you want to share this. Since they are the photos in your profile, dale a name to the ready album and. Surely we will find many forms to migrate the information between platforms and it would enchant to us to know if your you know some so déjanos your commentaries and tell us, you are using Google+?

Source: CNET 


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