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J.K. Rowling the woman of whose mind Harry Potter emerged, Hogwarts and all the magical civilization apparently alternates and simultaneous to ours, it announced today that the complete saga will publish itself in electronic editions. Applications as On The Road de Jack Kerouc for iPad has decided to challenge to electronic books like better digital publication format, but J.K Rowling has thought another strategy for the series of Potter. 

The titles will be available in , a platform of Internet where the novels with new experiences will be completed in line. Because clearly, fans of Harry Potter always we are going to want more. Besides the special contents of the site like secrets conserved by the author or the possibility of interacting with histories and other readers, the books will be there for their purchase in audio format of as well as e-books.

It is a gratuitous page Web that offers an exciting experience online on books of Harry Potter. An option exists to enter before the official opening that is in October. In order to have access to the page. The 31 of July this inviting itself to all the fanatics of Harry Potter to enter the page to know again like being able Access before the official opening.

See this video for a better explanation 

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