Technews 4 everyone: Tablet of Samsung the most serious rival of the Ipad

Tablet of Samsung the most serious rival of the Ipad

Gadget, with touch screen super AMOLED promises to a high resolution and a thickness smaller than the one of its competitor of Apple. This without a doubt, allows in addition to contain the dimensions of ' tablet'. Samsung, in addition has confirmed that it will have installed an operating system Android 2,2, in its Froyo version. One of the great advantages of the Galaxy is that megapíxeles counts on a frontal camera of 3.2 that allows to realise videollamadas, one of the criticized deficiencies more of iPad. With the exit to the market of the Korean device, Samsung goes ahead to Google that it has predicted to present/display its own tablet next the 26 of November, according to rumors of specialized means.


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