Technews 4 everyone: Sony surpasses with his " Walkman" to iPod of Apple in Japan

Sony surpasses with his " Walkman" to iPod of Apple in Japan

" Walkman" of Sony, that lowered their prices to fight against the hegemony of iPod, they thickened the 47.8 percent of the sales in August, while the models of Apple remained in the 44 percent, according to a report of the consultant. From 2005 iPod of Apple was leaders of the Japanese market of devices of digital music. The Nikkei newspaper indicated today that many users have chosen to listen to music on the movable telephones iPhone of the mark that directs Steve Jobs, that is not included in the statistics of reproducers of mp3.Sony has been able to recover the interest of the Japanese consumers with discounts in its new series W, to prices that go up to around the 10,000 yens (92 Euros) and has been able to put to his " fashionable; Walkman" by so large his reduced and comfort of use. However, it is possible that the reign of " Walkman" , unquestionable leader of the market in the 80 with their mythical reproducers of cassette, is brief, since many Japaneses would have delayed their purchases of iPod in the hope of the announcement of new models. iPod of Apple leaders have be in market Japanese, where the competition is ferocious due to the many new features that appear annually, from January of 2005, since they did not have lost since then. EFE


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