Technews 4 everyone: You forgot to close your Facebook?

You forgot to close your Facebook?

Facebook can contain important information exceeds we, including personal data, labor and even intimate. To leave your session abierta in an other people's or public computer could be fatal, because the profiteer or the joker never needs. The solution to your problems is here. Facebook has bet very hard in which it refers the security, due to the great critics that have received months in the last. In order to authenticate his commitment it adds a new tool that can save to you in case you leave your session in another computer open. The tool is “Logout” that of automatic form will close all the sessions of your profile in all the computers where you have left it abierta. In case outside little, Facebook Integra another useful tool that will send a SMS to you when you leave your session open. In order to activate these new features only dirígete to the menu, Account, “Configuration of account” and “Security of acount”. 


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