Technews 4 everyone: Android: the best investment of Google

Android: the best investment of Google

In 2005 Google it decided to acquire Android to begin to develop its own movable platform. Today, five years later, the android has become the best investment than Google has done until the moment. Why? Well it is known that Google characterizes for being a great investor when acquiring complete companies and their patents. And it is necessary to recognize it, it does not make it by simple addiction to the purchases or to eliminate his young competition as some affirm. It does as a being able to develop more software to his already releases list of services that it has in the Web. Like all investor, one faces the challenge that will be transactions that give better results him than others, but are some purchase that has caused him fame, money, and success is, without a doubt, Android. And it is that this movable operating system has been the center of attention of great manufacturers of telephony like HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, etc., in which the benefit is mutual, because all have won, from Google and the manufacturers, to the consumer. Recently, David Lawee, vice-president of corporative development of Google commented that without a doubt the best purchase of the company to date is Android. Andy Rubin, cofounder of Android, have had much to do with this growth and desarrrollo, because if we compared most recent of Android, Froyo, with first we will see shingle nails changes. The peculiar thing now is that the finder at the time paid by the operating system the amount of 50 mdd, that surely already will have recovered and seen many interests. It is necessary to say it, nowadays exist other movable operating systems: Symbian, Blackberry OS, iOS, etc. But to give an idea than have left Android us, is necessary to remember that at this moment mdd in publicity for Google represents 1.000; surpassing in this sense to iPhone. Why it is so good Android? Of principle he would be a little compromising to erase it like the best one of the market, but very far from that affirmation, yes is an agile operating system, intuitive, and designed very well to offer to the user a simple form to handle a Smartphone. All this without mentioning that he is present in the majority of manufacturers of telephones in the world, which still makes more accessible for the buyers.


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