Technews 4 everyone: Facebook in the supermarket

Facebook in the supermarket

The virtual currency of Facebook that serves to buy items in the social games as Farmville can be acquired in the stores Walmart and Best Buy. How much they will cost? The euphoria of the social games in Facebook is in the heat of height. Its popularity has been like now famous “the Facebook credits” will be able to acquire in the stores of Walmart supermarket and the chain of stores of electronics Best Buy. The currency of Facebook serves mainly to acquire applications or for purchase additions in games like Farmville. The cost of cards in the stores Walmart and Best Buy goes from the 5 to the 50 dollars. At the moment details have not occurred on their availability in our country, but it is to hope that this tendency leaves the United States in just a short time. Until the moment the Facebook credits only could be acquired via Paypal.
Source:  IDG News Service.


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