Technews 4 everyone: Apple sends the new extreme portable MacBook Air

Apple sends the new extreme portable MacBook Air

Although Apple already has 50 million Macs users, wants to continue taking terrain in the segment of the portable computers still more and, to completely snatch the pie to him to Windows. For this reason, Steve Jobs, CEO of the company presented/displayed the new MacBook Air yesterday, with a flash memory, like the one of iPhone and iPad, smaller and light 90% than a conventional hard disk, which aid to that it is more practical. The MacBook Air weighs only 1,3 kilos, and its screen comes in two models: 11 and 13 inches. Its battery has an autonomy of 30 days and one average life of seven hours and five of constant navigation. The price for the one of 64GB will be of 14 thousand 999 pesos and of 23 thousand 999 pesos for the one of 256GB, according to it announces the vestibule of Apple Mexico already. In the press conference called “Of return to the Mac”, celebrated in California, Steve Jobs it said: “We have left from everything what we have learned with iPad to create the new MacBook Air. Thanks to its incredible capacity of answer and mobility, it will change the concept that we have of the portable ones”. The new generation of these portable computers will count on two ports USB, one to each side, and an entrance for cards SD. Mac OSX Lemon, in summer of 2011 In addition, the president of the company/signature was useful to announce the main new features of the eighth version of his operating system, Mac OSX Lemon, ready in summer of 2011. The new software will allow to the video chat by means of the application “Facetime”, that is available for iPhone and iPod Touch. At the same time, the new version of Lemon will include the Mac App Store, that is a new way to install and to update of automatic way for the applications. The users of Mac can unload a beta version of FaceTime. With Lemon the user will be able to change of an application to all screen to another one just by to move the hand by trackpad and to happen to the writing-desk to enter his apps again multi-window. “We created Lemon so that he is able to incorporate one ton of new characteristics”. Apple also showed to a renovation of Mac iLife 2011, that includes the new versions of the applications: iPhoto, the program of storage of images, with geographic location of the visionados diverse photos and of albums to complete screen; iMovie (so that the maqueros can design their own videos and GarageBand, that allows to record audio and to publish it, to this version virtual lessons of piano will be added to him, of guitar and battery). It is important to indicate that new the Mac will have settled iLife 2011; for who already has a Mac and wishes to update it, its cost is of 49 dollars.


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