Technews 4 everyone: Google and Mozilla solve problems of security in their navigators

Google and Mozilla solve problems of security in their navigators

Recently the new versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have been sent, that will both solve all a variety of faults of security in navigators. Google and Mozilla have sent to new versions of their navigators, thus covering all a battery of “holes” that had been abriendo in their ways. Hundreds of failures have been solved in the update of Google Chrome, after the company affirmed that it was going to send to a “new stable version” of the navigator every six weeks. Until now, Google has fulfilled its promise and has gone presented/displayed the patches along with a new analyzer HTML5 and archives API, among others new features. “In addition, if it decides to block the pages fitting the data of his navigator in the configuration of the content for cookies, now it will be able to use a new dialogue to manage the cookies blocked in great amounts”, has commented Jeff Chang, product person in charge of Google Chrome. Google has recently sent a page of Security Councils in which it offers some tricks exceeds how the users can protect themselves against hackers. Mozilla, on the other hand, has done that versions 3.6.11 and 3.5.15 of Firefox are available for their unloading, solving nine vulnerabilities by the way. Five of these defects were classified like critics, which means that they could be exploded for “executing hostile code and to install software, without needing requiring the interaction of the user beyond normal navigation”, they have explained from Mozilla. “As always, we recommended that the users stay to the day with the last versions of support and stability of Firefox and we animated to them to that they are updated to the last versions, in this case, to Firefox 3.6.11”, has advised the person in charge of the launching of Firefox, Christian Legnitto.


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