Technews 4 everyone: Macbook Air, the intermediate equipment between iPad and a Macbook

Macbook Air, the intermediate equipment between iPad and a Macbook

The rumors that affirm that this Apple Wednesday will send the new MacBook Air, a portable one of 13,3 inches, are flying. Diverse American means affirm that it is a strategy of the company to take advantage of the euphoria iPad. We give all characteristics you. The rumors affirm that to MacBook Air they are executed in new platform OS X 10,7, also well-known like Lemon, and can have integration IOS, something that will be attractive for the thousands of supporters of iPad.The specifications of the MacBook Air are not revolutionary. The processor will be a Core Duo to 1,86 GHz, solid state disk and 2 GB of RAM.La MacBook Air are considered an interval between the IPAD and the MacBook, offering one more a slighter alternative to a portable computer. In terms of weight this is truth, because iPad weight,680 grams, the Mackbook Air 1,360 kilograms and the Macbook 2,680 kilograms. The certain thing is that it hopes that fans of the mark buys the device even though they already count on one iPad. Tomorrow we will know if the rumors are certain, because from already to several they take it means like a fact


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