Technews 4 everyone: Skype 5.0 and Facebook

Skype 5.0 and Facebook

Just sent version of Skype totally it is adapted to integrate itself with Facebook. Proof of it is the shipment of text messages and telephone calls. He is interesting to see how Skype practically created an exclusively thought version for Facebook. Its new version 5.0 gives the almost whole aspect of Facebook to the power to consult from the same interface of Skype all your state in the social network with the variant that from you will be able there to make calls with the eyelashes of SMS or call, as long as, the telephone number is available in the profiles of our contacts. The cost of the service is gratuitous, as long as the users are in the same list of Skype. Skype 5,0 has the advantage of the calls and text messages, but you will be able to update your state and also to answer your friendly in the social network. In addition, it will be possible to realise group videoconferences with your friendly.


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