Technews 4 everyone: One of each three iPad does not have any application

One of each three iPad does not have any application

In this era of blossoming for applications of all class, a third of iPad follows without receiving not one application, because their owners not planteanGracias to the work of independent, small developers startups and great multinationals, the App Store is proud of more of a quarter of million applications at the disposal of users of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In fact, the success has been like not only the rivals have run to even send to its own stores, and companies as Amazon has scored at the car, but Apple is working a store of applications for computers. In case outside little, there is one who announces that the applications are the future of the Network. In fact, the immensity of applications at the disposal of the user is implied free that - some, others of payment is one of the great reasons to take control of one for emblematic products of Apple, just as the possibility of personalizing the navigator he was one of the strongpoints of the Mozilla Firefox. And nevertheless, a third of the people who have iPad (and to that therefore we more or less suppose friend of the technology and the innovation) has not unloaded not one application. Neither to play, nor to read, nor to work. Nothing. Besides that 32 percent that nor has happened through the AppStore, there is a 6 percent that only unloading applications free.


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