Technews 4 everyone: Windows Phone will be synchronized with Apple

Windows Phone will be synchronized with Apple

Windows Phone 7 will be able to be synchronized with Mac computers. Something that has not been able to do today until the company of Steve Jobs. Windows Phone 7 for Connector Mac will make of intermediary between Phone Windows the 7 and Mac computers so that they can be connected to each other. In this way contents will be able to be synchronized multimedia like: photos, video, podcast, among others. Also, iTunes could be synchronous with smartphones Phone Windows. The administration of the archives will be able to become by means of the telephone that will know to differentiate the Mac contents from those of Apple. For example, if smartphone with WP7 is connected will be created a folder with the name of the Mac computer and there the asked for data are spilled; with the obstacle that will not be able to mix archives of a Mac to another Mac on the telephone. Microsoft admitted that for the accomplishment of Windows Phone 7 Connector did not consult to Apple, and says that its tool of synchronization will be limited to transfer archives from iTunes to iPhoto, but will not allow to synchronize music or contained prote'ge's by DRM with the telephones Windows Phone 7. For principles of next year, Microsoft also has plans to publish a tool that allows that Windows Phone 7 synchronizes contents selected with Mac computers.


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