Technews 4 everyone: the tablets would finish with the existence of netbooks?

the tablets would finish with the existence of netbooks?

According to the indices of sales of netbooks, the portable computers enjoy a rebosante state of health in the market. Nevertheless, the analysts indicate that indeed the tablets as iPad could “absorb” to these, their close relatives, and even, to smartphones. Ever since the tablets were sent to the market, it has seen itself them like the new portable device of computation, since it allows to make the most basic tasks like connectivity, games, reproduction of contents multimedia, etc. This supposition takes more force thanks to the fact that the popularity of the tablets has grown in the last year well-known, and more with the appearance from a great amount of tablets PC that has been sent; like the Playbook of RIM, Slate 500 of HP, Galaxy Tab of Samsung, among others. All this makes see the tablets like a species of “Hannibal Lecter” (the famous cannibal that Anthony Hopkins made famous in “the silence of the innocents”) that eats to its own same types, because of entrance, already it has replaced almost completely to notebooks, portable computers of low power. And it is that there is to admit that the tablets work to satisfy basic the immediate needs and, apart from which they count on a showy design and an attractive touch screen that for of perfect complement for the lovers taking with himself its favorite films and programs. For the reasons previously described for some the tablets they are a serious threat for netbooks also, because at least this year the manufacturers have added more efforts in their equipment type tablet that in netbooks. Simply it is necessary to remember that RIM has not had great participation in the segment of the portable computers, but contrary yes penetrated recently in the market of the tablets with its Playbook equipment. Still it is about to see if the tablets are a mere temporary tendency, or if they will really extend in the world of the technology like an auxiliary equipment of a certain user group. The peculiar thing, is that now the possible threat for smartphones is mentioned. Partly it is not any surprise, because there is to admit that in a tablet it is a species of Smartphone of great dimensions much. Why? Both run under movable and slight operating systems (Android, Blackberry OS, IOS, etc.), and in fact already is spoken of next operating systems especially designed for tablets. Also, it is not necessary to forget that often grandote has been catalogued to iPad like “iPhone”, because the differences between both are almost null, safe, obvious, that the tablet of Apple cannot realise telephone calls. A pair of interest data, is that iPad has been catalogued like one of the technological devices of greater acceptance in the smaller time. In addition, the director of the great chain Best Buy, Brian Dunn, explained to The Wall Street Journal that iPad “has cannibalized the sale of portable in more of a 50 percent”. To tablets PC still they need way to cross, but of entrance it will be necessary to see what as much will be able to do in the future when they have his operating system, better processors, etc. At the moment, is to notice their fast penetration in the movable market, reason why indeed also they could “cannibalize” to smartphones.


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