Technews 4 everyone: 55% of adults, with digital illiteracy

55% of adults, with digital illiteracy

In Mexico, 55% of the adults suffer of digital illiteracy, according to Rafael Freyre, director of Planning and Programming of the Secretariat of Educación Pública (SEP). When participating in the Third Forum the International Human rights and Technologies of the Information and Communication, Freyre needed that this means that more than half of the Mexican population it does not have instruction nor access to the technologies of the information. In the forum organized by Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), it noticed that a decisive barrier for the access of Mexican to the opportunities and the challenges of a world more and more globalised and competitive is the ignorance of those tools. And it stressed that the right to the education, mainly of more than 30 million people who are in I leave behind educative, could be fulfilled indeed if an intensive use became of the technologies of the information and the communication. “One of the great national challenges in educative matter is to approach technological means all the Mexicans”, said the civil servant. It considered that at present that subject is constituted almost like a human right, because provides to the population multiple knowing and sources of intelligence. “One is to provide the necessary tools so that the children, young people and adults can take advantage of the advances science and the technology”, he said. Under this perspective, the SEP works in the approach of the children to those technologies through diverse programs like “Enciclomedia” or the “Sectorial Program of Digital Abilities for All”, besides developing programs of open and remote education through electronic means.


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