Technews 4 everyone: New update for iOS of Apple

New update for iOS of Apple

It does not have nor a month that Apple sent update 4,2 of its operating system for iPads, iPhones and Ipods; and the next version can already be seen that will be sent in December. The interesting thing are that it seems to have an important reason for which Apple hurries east launching. Apple hopes one or two generally months to update the software of its equipment, but this time will only be question of a few weeks so that iOS is sent to version 4.3 of its operating system. Everything seems to indicate that his predecessor, the 4,2 was not sufficiently good like convincing the manufacturer. But the users not only want an update that improves the system, always hope that they include some newness. In this case one inquired that the version 4.3 that is expected in December includes a new system of subscription of applications.


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