Technews 4 everyone: Browsers of the social networks

Browsers of the social networks

The companies need to know if their products, services or topics, especially are being mentioned in different sites like Blogger, Twitter, YouTube among others. " They saw that taking traditional campaigns to the social networks were not a useful strategy. They realized that is a communication of two routes (the company and the user), and what you can do it is to influence in the opinion of persons" , it expressed Jose Carlos Méndez, director of investigation The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU). In the last month, Google included in its results publications in real time of Twitter related and so the user wants to look for. The social finder of Microsoft, Bing, has decided to insert in its finder the tastes that have published the friendly of the user of Facebook. Before this, finders exist that occur to the task of tracking elements in real time focused to which it occurs specifically in the social networks. " The traditional means are going to follow by this added value that brings the social networks and to the user it benefits to him to find out form fast .mentioned. SOCIALMENTION.COM Is a finder of social networks and analyzes the content generated by the users whom they publish in different platforms like Twitter, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Blogger among others. Once unfolded the results, one is the percentage of reach, tastes of the publication and whatever have discussed on the subject at issue. WHOSTALKIN.COM The site is in charge to look for and to classify real conversations of more than 60 sites in the Network, it establishes where them like results. In the month of October, this site could insert Facebook in its site to be able to look for subjects or topics related in the social network.


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