Technews 4 everyone: Windows turns 25 years

Windows turns 25 years

The 20 of November of 1985 a new operating system was sent to the market that has become the software that makes work to more of the 90 percent of the computers worldwide. With more competition than ever, a market that tends to the cloud and the company trying to hold fast the moving body, UNDER more popular of the world blows the candles. Happy birthday to you, Windows.En 1975, Paul Allen and Bill Gates decide to create a company with a unique objective: that in each writing-desk and each home there was a computer. With this idea Microsoft is born. Five years later, in 1980, the classmate of Gates is united to this small business, Steve Ballmer. Microsoft works along with IBM to send the base on which the computer programs could be executed: MSDOS, ' proyect' of operating system that introduced a new language for the public. Nevertheless, it was difficult to understand for much people. For this reason, after several years of work, the 20 of November of of 1985 are born Windows 1.0. , that according to Bill Gates is " a unique software designed for the computer user serio". Instead of write commandos in MSDOS, it is only necessary to move the mouse to point and to make click through screens or " ventanas". There are pull-down menus, bars of displacement, the user is able to use several programs without having to leave and to reinitiate each, includes several programs like the management of file of MSDOS, painting (famous ' Paint'), the Notepad, the calculator even a game, ' Reversi'. Of Windows 2,0 to Windows 95 After this first advance, Microsoft continues working in search of and more speed more for its operating system. This way, it is born in 1987 thought Windows 2,0 for the processors Intel 286 and that already included the Control Panel, the icons, better graphical quality and it allowed to superpose windows. This version locates the operating system in the market and 1988 Microsoft becomes the greater world-wide company of software for computer. The 22 of May of 1990, Microsoft announces Windows 3,0, followed by Windows 3.1 in 1992, that altogether, sells 10 million copies in his first 2 years, doing of this used operating system more. Windows now has a significantly better yield, graphical advanced with 16 colors and improved icons. With the total support of processor 386 of Intel to execute programs he is much more fast. The Program Manager, archives and impression arrive at Windows 3.0. After this last version, Microsoft proves luck with a thought operating system for companies, the Windows NT, that is released in 1993 but it is eclipsed by Windows 95 whose launching, August of 1995, becomes a phenomenon. Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me The 24 of August of 1995, Microsoft sends Windows 95, that sells 7 million copies in the first five weeks. It is the publicit launching of Microsoft to date. The era of the fax, the modem, the electronic mail begins and the games multimedia. Windows 95 is gotten up to the era of Internet. The operating system of 32 bits introduces for the first time the icons of My PC or the wastebasket of recycling. At the moment Windows operates in the 80 percent of the computers of the world. Although the Windows 95 shade weighs on the following updates, between 1998 and 2000, Microsoft sends Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows Millenium Edition (Windows ME) where numerous critics by failures arise from system that are to fix through ' patches of software'. The new era: Windows XP, Vista and 7 The 25 of October of 2001, Windows sends a redesigned version totally, Windows XP, that becomes the most popular system of Microsoft. It offers a clean design, simplified, visually stable, that causes that the used functions more are more accessible. It offers improvements like the Assistant for network configuration, Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker. It is not until 2006 when Microsoft decides to send a new version of the operating system where the design is the most important point: Vista Windows is born. Nevertheless, this version is a failure of sales and accumulates critics. Great part of users feels swindled by to have paid by an operating system that does not finish working all the good that is expected. So Microsoft was the fiasco that offers the possibility of changing the license paid by the Vista Windows, or by the Windows XP or to hope until the 2010 to obtain a gratuitous license by Windows 7. Between the main peripheral and accessory problems it is the mutual incompatibility with multitude of like video cards or sound. Right after the launching, Microsoft begins to work in Windows 7, that leaves to the market in October of 2009 and sells more than 240 million licenses in its first year of life. It is the operating system with the record of greater rapidity in sales of history. Windows 8, next In of October of this year, Microsoft filtered the date of launching anticipated for Windows 8:2012. One of the new features on which it will count this next version of Windows is an integrated application similar to the one of Apple denominated ' Windows App Store' , that among others things will include the face recognition of the user to initiate session. With Windows 8, Microsoft also wants to improve the times of beginning and to improve the efficiency energetics.


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