Technews 4 everyone: The explosion of the stores of applications in 2010

The explosion of the stores of applications in 2010

Movable Internet has been one of the great tendencies of 2010 and with this the door has been abierto to the growth of the App Stores. The tendency began later with the store of applications of Apple for iPhone and for iPad. More ahead they arose ' app stores' like the Android Market, the Ovi Store de Nokia or Windows Phone Marketplace de Microsoft. Aside from these stores of applications, they exist ' outlets' that they are in charge of several stores of applications of different operating systems like GetJar, stores of movable companies, movable devices, tablets and retailers like the next store of Amazon for Android. Growth of Apple and Android The stores of applications leaders are those of Android and Apple, and both have reaped a great success during the 2010. At the beginning of year, the App Store de Apple announced that 3,000 million applications had unloaded and the market of Andriod had more than 50,000 applications. At the moment iTunes has more than 300,000 applications of which 7,000 million unloadings have become, according to the statistics of Wikipedia, whereas Android has 175,000 applications of which they have become around 2,000 million unloadings according to AndroLib. This causes that the App Store de Apple is the double of great and that Android has been the market that more growth has had during the 2010. Independent stores: Getjar The store of applications that has reaped more success, aside from Apple and Android, has been target=_blank> GetJar, one of the 3 best ones of the world with more than 1,000 million unloadings in 200 countries. The store counts with more than 70,000 movable applications for the main platforms, including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian. In October, Getjar sent the promotion that gave million games for moving bodies to the consumers who entered their page Web. Unlike other stores of applications, GetJar does not depend on the sale of applications to obtain benefits. In his place, it receives the advertisers to sponsor the applications in the page. Many Apps but with utility problems Whereas the stores of applications have prevailed and increased during the 2010, the utility and the design of many of these stores leave much to be desired. A common complaint is that it is difficult to find the best applications, due to the excessive amount that there is to choose. The store of applications of iTunes for example has quite ample categories and few options of personalisation. At the end of October, in ReadWriteWeb they realised a survey in that asked which was the App Store that less liked. As anticipated, the applications that less are used were those that obtained less votes. However, according to its data, the store of Android, with a 29.25% of the votes, is the one that needs more improvements, followed of Blackberry AppWorld (16.71%), Ovi Store (15.88%), iTunes (11.7%), Windows Phone Marketplace (11.7%) and GetJar 8.08%. Pages of recommendation of applications Since the stores have problems to filter applications, other services have arisen that can help to solve the problem. According to the publisher of ReadWriteMobile that went to the Summit of Open Mobile of this month, the pages of recommendation of applications are doing a good work when recommending unloadings. Some known pages of recommendation more are Appoke (a combination between application, store and social network of Android), AppStoreHQ, Applolicious, Chomp, AppsFire, AppBrain, Appboy, AppAware, Smokin Apps,, 16apps, Apptism, Freshapps, ScatterTree, Frenzapp, Chorus or Appsaurus. Stores of applications in the Web Whereas the stores of applications have been mainly a phenomenon for movable telephones, Apple and Google are going to send to stores for applications Web in a moment and Mozilla already has sent a prototype. These three companies have very different strategies. The store of applications of Apple for Mac probably will be looked like the one of iTunes and will offer applications in the same way, even under the same restrictions. The App Store de Google will work within Chrome navigator and will be available to all the applications that operate in the open Web. The store of applications of Mozilla is a technological prototype that will allow to any lodging of Web sites to have its own store of applications. These are some of most outstanding of the 2010 in the world of the App Stores. The general tendency of this segment of market is that it is growing of considerable form, especially the stores of applications for moving bodies and it does not seem that this is going to fall.

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