Technews 4 everyone: Acer, with Windows 7 and Android

Acer, with Windows 7 and Android

The race to monopolize holders in the world of the technological apparatuses does not have aim. The campaign of Christmas is the best moment to send a product, although this it will leave later. To do prepares its own repertoire of tablets and minicomputers. One, with Windows 7 and other three with Android. To do has spent 18 months to create a different tablet. Rather, a computer with tablet soul. Doing Iconia has appearance of portable but it counts on two touch screens of 14 inches, one of them with virtual keyboard, and works with Windows 7. At the end of January it will be in the market to a considered price of thousand 700 dollars. Gianfranco Lanci, delegated advisor of the company, does not consider the great bet to gain the market but a form to demonstrate to its capacity of innovation and creativity. Besides emphasizing by its lightness and polished design, the computer counts on a processor Core i5 of Intel, powerful but that causes that the battery only lasts three hours far from the plug. The Taiwanese company/signature confirmed its intention to commercialize three tablets: of 5, 7 and 9 inches in the first trimester of 2011. They will work with Android and the date of exit of the same depends on the launching of Google. " Until it does not have a software adapted for tablets we do not want out" , it clarified Lanci. 



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