Technews 4 everyone: Google Earth, still more real

Google Earth, still more real

"The new version of the virtual atlas has new functions, gives to volume 3D to the trees and improves the Street View"

The American multinational Google has presented/displayed a new version of its digital atlas, Google Earth 6,0, with which the realism of the virtual globe with new functions improves: a experience of Street View truly integrated, trees in 3D and a greater facility to explore historical images.  If the launching of Google Earth allowed the users to fly from the space to the tile roof of its house of virtual form and Street took them to View until the ground, the last version of its software Integra both functionalities so that the internauts can realise this ' travel' of direct way. Of this form, in Google Earth 6, user can to see that little controls man orange is located next to of navigation, so that only must take it and loosen it where it appears an outstanding blue highway to fly directly until that point, concerning street. 80 million trees Besides the buildings modeled in 3D, the new presented/displayed version today gives the possibility of visualizing 80 million trees of twelve species different from cities like Athens, Berlin, Chicago, New York, San Francisco or Tokyo. In order to enjoy these arboreal complements in coarse three-dimensional format activating the layer of buildings 3D in the left panel of the program. One of the functionalities less known Google Earth 5 was the possibility of traveling in the time to see historical images of outstanding places like the London of postwar period or the capital of Haiti before the devastating earthquake that took place in January of 2010. Now, when the user flies to a zone that counts on historical images, the date of the oldest images appears in the bar of state in the part inferior of the screen. If click in that date becomes, the user can travel to the past very instantaneously seeing images of that period and even explore all the historical images available for that location.


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