Technews 4 everyone: Kinect surpasses the 2,5 million copies

Kinect surpasses the 2,5 million copies

Microsoft trusts surpassing its forecasts of for Christmas, based in five million apparatuses

Kinect, the device of interaction without controls for the console Xbox 360, has sold more than 2,5 million copies anywhere in the world from its launching, that took place 30 days ago less than. Kinect, that is commercialized in 60 thousand stores of 38 countries, on sale left in the United States the past day 4, whereas its arrival to the European market took place day 10. In a press note, Microsoft maintains that he is " convenced" of which it will surpass its initial forecasts of sales of Kinect for the campaign of Christmas, based in five million copies. The company indicates that it is working with commerce and manufacturers to accelerate the production of the device and to cover " hard demand" existing. 


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