Technews 4 everyone: Gran Turismo 5 in 3D

Gran Turismo 5 in 3D

"The beauty of the streets of Madrid, Tokyo, Rome and London seduced the company/signature of Yamauchi to turn the drawn up one urban of these capitals into a circuit of races"

After almost six years of absence it was expected to him with anxiety, even with a point of impatience, but the simulator of conduction " Great Tourism 5" in 3D it demonstrated today that it arrives to remain, to seduce of captivating form with a realism that only could take the company/signature of Kazunori Yamauchi. The creator of the saga and director of Digital Polyphony, one of respected stars more of the interactive galaxy, chose Madrid to present/display in Europe the last delivery of the simulator of races, that leaves today on sale. The beauty of the streets of Madrid, Tokyo, Rome and London seduced a long time ago Yamauchi, that decided to turn the drawn up one urban of these capitals into a circuit of races. The creator explained that he has crossed " way very largo" until the launching of " Great Tourism 5" - including a delay of last hour because " wished to start up a product; far better " and totally novel that replaced to the previous one, published in 2004. " There are servant like a an animal that was growing " little by little; , Yamauchi, known by its desire explained to polish until the minimum detail of the products that puts in the market.His perfeccionism has part of fault of which the saga " Great Turismo" it has sold more than 56 million copies anywhere in the world from his launching, in 1997. The people in charge of the new title, exclusive for PlayStation 3, calculate that the new delivery could get to seduce until a 10 million players worldwide. " Great Tourism 5" it is able to give a return of nut to the realism in the simulation of races, includes the possibility of using stereoscopic technology, a publisher of circuits to create drawing up and to a way " online" that it supports the simultaneous participation of up to 16 players. The delegated advisor of Sony Computer Entertainment for the south of Europe, James Armstrong, indicated that this videojuego is " the best simulator never created" , one " masterpiece técnica" that it includes thousand licenses of cars, seventy circuits and that can be enjoyed in three dimensions. Yamauchi assured that the launching of the game is " only principio" , since its equipment will be updating the content every month. As far as European initiative GT Academy, by means of which virtual pilots can become real runners of races, it assured that it will be implanted in the United States. The automobile industry is conscious of the repercussion of this videojuego and for that reason the great marks of cars collaborate elbow with elbow with Digital Polyphony to show the last prototypes in the showcase of " Great Turismo". In fact, Red Bull Racing has collaborated with the study to create a car of races that was not conditional by the norms of the official competitions, the X1 prototype, that were tonight in the Palace of Cibeles, soothes of the City council of Madrid.


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