Technews 4 everyone: New send of " Barbie" with integrated video camera

New send of " Barbie" with integrated video camera

"The objective of the Mattel company is to familiarize to the children with the new technologies and to motivate its cinematographic development. The Barbie wrist Girl Video brings a video camera, a screen to color LCD and a USB."

In order that the children become jumbled with the new technologies and develop their cinematographic tendencies, Mattel of Mexico sent to the market “Barbie Girl Video”, in order that the small ones record special moments. This wrist is a new bet with most modern in technology, in addition it has a design that includes video camera and a screen LCD to color, consequently the small ones could be per moments cinema directors. “Barbie Girl Video” allows the children to record soon what they play and to see it in the screen integrated in the own wrist or a computer. The video camera has a capacity to record of 30 minutes, as well as a screen LCD to color located in the back of the wrist, for reliving the moments of fun. In order to be able to unload and to keep the videos in the computer, it includes a USB with capacity of 256 MB and its cable of connection. Also “Barbie Girl Video” includes a shareware, available in, and so the small ones will be able to publish their videos and to incorporate special music, sounds and effects to him to really turn them into films.


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