Technews 4 everyone: Initial success of Kinect

Initial success of Kinect

The first day of sale of Kinect, the sign control for the console Xbox de Microsoft, is a good augury. Kinect has left in the United States and the 10 of will do it to November in the rest of the world. Stores in line as Amazon or Best Buy exhausted their units due to the high number of reserves. According to Efe, some of the first buyers in the physical stores of the United States had done three days of tail. Microsoft hopes to alter to the market of consoles and the vídeojuegos with this proposal that goes beyond the one of Sony that proposes wireless but managed controls with bellboys. Both are preparation their own answer to Nintendo, first in introducing wireless controls. The company of Bill Gates hopes to sell five million units before the year finishes. The device, under the name of Native Project, was presented/displayed in 2009 and arrives four years after the Wii de Nintendo that has sold, in the United States, 65 million units. Kinect is based on a set of sensors of movement and sound and a camera that interprets the movements of the player who at a distance handles the console without no type of control. The price of exit is of 150 dollars (105 Euros) and goes accompanied of a thought game of ability to explore posibilidaes of the control. Initially there will be 15 games available, from racing cars and other sport competitions to dance games. Kinect will have versions in English, Japanese and Spanish. In this case there will be two versions, one for Spain and another one for Mexico due to the vocabulary differences and articulation.


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